Progress (or lack thereof) 11/5/13


In my last blog post I explained that the final inspection was all we were waiting on in order to get the Certificate of Occupancy allowing us to move into the building. As it turns out, there were still some drawings to be submitted by the engineering firm I hired a year and a half ago to do this job. All but one of those drawings have now been submitted. The lead engineer on the project was notified a week ago of the need for this one last drawing, and yet it still has not been submitted, nor will he respond to my emails inquiring about a completion date. Meanwhile, the building sits empty while the dogs play in the rain today.

The other crazy development was that the inspection of the sidewalk and parking lot revealed that one section of the parking lot was three one-hundredths of an inch too high or too low (I can’t remember which), requiring that that particular section be removed and repaved. No, I’m not kidding.


Yes, folks, these are the kinds of things we have been dealing with for the last 16 months and the reason I have stopped announcing a projected opening date. But please stay tuned. Surely it will happen one of these days.



Progress Update 10/19/13


I’m sorry for the delay in posting about our progress. I’ve just been waiting until I could make “the big announcement”.

Unfortunately, said announcement is not included in this blog. But stay tuned because we expect it to be any day now.

The work is done. The building is finished. I think you’re going to love the results! All we’re waiting on at this point is for the engineering firm to submit the remaining information to the city before the final inspection can be completed and a certificate of occupancy issued.


Motivational speakers will ask the question, “How do you eat an elephant” and then give you the answer: “One bite at a time.” This elephant has been all but consumed, and boy, is my tummy full!


Construction Progress Update 9/30/13


Wow, so much news to report! Things have definitely come a long way since my last post.

When the crews first started arriving in early June, I was thrilled to see them making a mess because a mess meant things were happening. Now it’s even more thrilling to see the messy puzzle pieces being removed. Each piece means we’re one step closer!

Fresh sod was laid last week over 95% of the areas that were disturbed by construction. Just a few small spots left to cover.



The fence crew was back onsite on Friday to finalize their portion of the project.

Lights are on and, as of late this afternoon, so is the air conditioning! Yay!!!

DSC04530 DSC04535


The concrete sealer was applied on Friday in the big and little playrooms/classrooms as well as the grooming room. We expect to install the rubber flooring later this week.



Speaking of flooring, the installers wasted no time today getting both tile and carpet laid. All they lack now is the grout, which will happen tomorrow.



The grooming room is basically finished.



So, assuming the City and engineers cooperate, it should be only a matter of days!



Construction Progress 9/17/13


It’s been a while since you’ve received a progress report. That’s because things have been crazy busy around here! So here’s the scoop:

The driveway and parking lot have been paved, and the ugly orange fence removed, making things look a whole lot better around here.


Light fixtures have been installed. The cable was pulled through the conduit today and hooked up to the box, and the electrical inspection was approved, meaning we now have power! (Well, we will tomorrow when all the switches and outlets are installed anyway.)


DSC04471 DSC04469

The walls have been painted (although you can’t tell from this picture that they are something other than white) and the doors have been hung.

DSC04465 DSC04463

Cabinets and counter tops, flooring and fixtures, as well as the remaining sod are all scheduled to be installed next week.

Are you seeing what I’m seeing? The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter!





Let’s Have a Little Contest, Shall We?


In my blogs I have attempted to name each of our subcontractors in the interest of giving credit where credit is due. This past week we had a new subcontractor onsite, but I’m not going to tell you his name. Instead, you tell me. BUT FIRST, READ THE RULES, because only those who follow the rules will be eligible for the prize.

Here’s how it works: Identify this subcontractor by sending his name to me by private message on Facebook. PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWER AS A COMMENT. I will draw from those who answered correctly, and the winner will receive a free full-service grooming for their dog from our brand new groomer. The contest will end on Friday, September 13th, and the winner will be announced the following Monday.

So, who is this guy anyway?



Construction Progress 9/3/13


The various construction crews were hard at it last week. We had framers, electricians, plumbers, and diggers onsite, all at the same time. This process has been quite amazing. Multiple craftsmen working amongst one another, bobbing and weaving to avoid the next guy, stepping over the one kneeling on the floor…all without saying a word. Apparently they’ve done this before!

The sidewalk in front of the building was poured. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to create an everlasting memory of my dogs.

Left to Right: Wager, Ava, Griffen

Left to Right: Wager, Ava, Griffen


Roger Marshall and his crew from Marshall Plumbing were crazy busy this week, installing the grooming tub, a shower in the boarding room, and central wet/dry vacuum system. (We are SO excited about this feature!)


The HVAC guys worked hard to give us maximum use of the upstairs strorage space. One of the a/c units has been put in place, and it won’t be long before we have a climate-controlled building. Ahhh!

DSC03972  DSC03978

Barnett Electric strung what appears to be miles of line to make everything “work”. Let me just tell you, deciding where light switches need to go, and which lights they need to operate, in an empty shell is a rather overwhelming task for a dog trainer!


What has appeared to be a war zone for the last couple of months is now beginning to look more like a parking lot. All we’re lacking now is the asphalt, which is due next week.


And the most exciting news of all is, we opened the agility field for classes! We purchased brand new AKC-regulation equipment several months ago and were finally able to break it out this week for use in our agility classes.


The drywall arrived and is ready to be hung. Time to pick paint colors!

Stay tuned, folks. This thing really is going to happen!


Construction Progress 8/12/13


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a roof!



After a few rain-delayed days, the last half of the roof was installed yesterday, and the guys took me for a ride in the lift so I could see it from above. How fun!

While I was in the air, I took the opportunity to capture the agility field as well. The recent rains have definitely been a blessing. It’s almost time to mow!



With the roof complete, the guys can now work continuously on the inside without worrying about getting rained on. Framing is moving along very quickly, and we can now see where the rooms are. So exciting!

DSC03566 DSC03569


It’s beginning to look like a building!



Rex & Sully


Rex and Sully made their daycare debut last Friday. Rex is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Sully is a Bullmastiff. Both boys are 15 weeks old, and they are housemates.

DSC03328 DSC03327

Rex started out a little more cautious than Sully. Fortunately, he found a safe place to hide while he checked things out.


Sully is was the curious, adventurous type.

DSC03329 DSC03330

I made it! Onward and upward!

I made it! Onward and upward!


I'm the king of the world!

I’m the king of the world!


I believe I can fly!

I believe I can fly!

Scoot over, Bub!
Scoot over, Bub!


Nice view!

Nice view!

Dude, that was exhausting!

Dude, that was exhausting!

We look forward to more entertainment from Rex and Sully very soon.




Nala’s ‘Big’ New World


We first met Nala in Beginner Obedience class last December. She was extremely shy, afraid to even work around the other dogs.


It was a little surprising, then, when Nala showed up yesterday to enroll in doggie daycare. Turns out she had been playing with other dogs to some extent, but mom Courtney said she would probably not do well with big dogs as she was afraid of them. (Apparently Nala doesn’t know she IS a big dog!)


After much begging on Nala’s part to be let out with the big dogs, we acquiesced and began making some slow and careful introductions. That’s when Nala’s world opened up and life got a whole lot more fun!

Well, hello, Mojo. Nice to meet you.


Okay, I’ll be the submissive one.


Why, yes, I think I might like to play with you!


Your mean face doesn’t scare me, Mojo. I AM NO LONGER AFRAID OF BIG DOGS!!!


Oh, it’s on now, buddy!


Whew! That was exhausting! I love you, Mojo.


Hellooooo, Handsome!


It was such fun to watch Nala blossom in big dog land! We trust she slept very well last night, feeling secure in this big, bold new world (and dreaming of the new men in her life).


Construction Progress 8/2/13


We had an interesting couple of days this week as they laid the sewer line alongside the driveway. Digging a huge trench meant they had to put the displaced dirt somewhere. The only available space was in the driveway. Tuesday night class students had to park in my front yard, bobbing and weaving to avoid low-hanging trees, and Wednesday morning daycare clients had to park at the end of the drive and walk their dogs several yards up to the house. It was quite a circus, but I have to hand it to the crew from Boulder Construction for orchestrating things as quickly as possible, my incredible staff for their patience, and the best clients in the world for their willingness to work with us through this process. I promise you all, IT WILL GET BETTER…soon, very soon!

We now have walls and windows to go with the doors! The final wall and roof should be installed this week. According to my math, that should make a building, right?

DSC03238  DSC03239


Thanks to the lovely summer rains we’ve been receiving (and about 800′ of hose), the agility field is greening up nicely. We are so excited to break out the brand new agility equipment and get the dogs running out here!



I’m still sticking to my guns about not announcing an opening date, but stay tuned, folks, because I won’t be able to hold my tongue much longer!